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When the New South Africa was created, and Madiba was in charge, we were like young children. We had the feeling that the world was a great place, and that we were on the right path. Now the New South Africa is a teenager, and like most teenagers, it isn't sure of who and what it is, and neither are we as a people. Sure, we have a lot of great ideas, but they often amount to lots of good intentions and not much else. We don't seem to be sure of how we as South Africans should act - we need a solution, a formula for how we as South Africans should behave as a people.

And there is a solution. Brand South Africa, together with Bluprints has undertaken the task of discovering the Formula for a South African. A recipe for how we should, and should not behave - as South Africans. But, no formula of a South African would be complete without YOU! We need your help to discover what it is that makes us great, and what it is that lets us down.

The time for sitting back and pointing fingers at others is over. It’s up to YOU to help us to discover what it is that makes us, us.

Want to know how we create the formula? Here is How it works
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  A Brand South Africa initiative
A Brand South Africa initiative

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